Friday, May 28, 2010

Packed and Stored.

Today I met with the movers and got all of the belongings stored in Zoe's Storage unit. That way everything is safe and sound till her estate is settled. As for me I am wiped. I was thinking it would only take 3 hours but it was closer to 5 after making 2 trips to and from the storage. Mary was kind enough to stay with my boys so I could help the movers as much as possible so that the storing would go quickly as possible. I honestly didn't realize how much it was going to hurt emotionally to put everything away. It still felt like Zoe's house since all her stuff was there now it is empty and cold. It hurt to look through stuff to find a hard copy but it hurt even more to store it all away.

Tomorrow the children are going to come over and hang out.. Their foster mom has a graduation and party so I offered them to come here. We are going to go to Old Navy and get them swim suits something that has been postponed for the week since there were bad thunderstorms on the days I was going to take them. I am hoping to go to brat fest with them. There is a nice ride area.. I have been told it is a little pricey but hopefully we can get a few rides in. Tomorrow Jonathan is going to come up and clean the town home for leaving and handing the keys back to the Landlord.

Another sad point is that tomorrow my husband and I were going to have a brunch date because Zoe offered to watch our 3 boys in the morning for us to go out. This is the last set date I had with her. These days are harder for me then others. Some days Zoe and her family would come over and other days we just chatted on the phone or FB. But then we would schedule things too like working on our garden and her wanting to hang out with Baby Adam and Isaac and Noah so she offered to watch them. I guess where I am going with this is it hurts knowing that I would see her it was a guarantee but not now. Sadly this is the last future event we had definitively planned so hopefully these days won't hurt so much but it is still sad. And I still miss her everyday.

Now that things are stored away that chapter of this process is coming to a close. Which hopefully that reduces the stress and urgency on everyone. Now it is a wait and see game. I will update when I know something new worth sharing. And I will update on our adventures with the kids. I hope to get some fun photos of them tomorrow with what ever activity we plan to do. Also a note that if you are in the area and want to get photos done please do they would make a great father's day gift. And every day with our children are gifts and oh so often I find I am the mastermind behind the camera and hardly ever in front of it. So Mom's it is time to step out from behind and treat yourself to a beautiful shot with your beautiful children.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend don't forget to thank your servicemen and women, new and old veterans this day is for those who never made it home so think of them so their memory never dies.

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