Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for~~~~

I am looking for anyone who Zoe has given recipes too or told birth stories or fun stories of her kids to via email.. Stuff in HER words for a book I am making for the kids..

Here is the book so far..

just email when you have a chance katfuer at gmail dot com

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The transition is starting. The courts decided today the time-line for the kids to transition to their Grandparents house. They will be going down every weekend till they move in October. I am glad the kids will get a transition period though I am sad that I don't know when the next time I will see them is, since they have school during the week and will be with their Grandparents on the weekend. I was hoping to see them this weekend and take them to the Apple Orchard but that isn't going to happen. I pray that they have a seamless transition and that they make new friends quickly. I am going to miss them terribly and I know my kids will miss them I sure hope that we will be able to visit with them or have them come up and visit us.

Pray for them and all the emotions that they deal with on a daily basis.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Again Slow Sorry

Well Saturday we went down to Annette's. The kids stayed the whole weekend there as a respit for their foster mom. Only update I know really is that Wednesday was a Court Date and Shira and Caleb will soon be making the transition to Chicago to be with their Grandmother. I am not sure if my family will get to see the kids once they are there but I sure hope that I can work something out with their Grandmother that they can come up and visit every so often maybe for a visit or an overnighter. I hope that my kids can still continue to visit with their friends Shira and Caleb.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sorry I am slow

Visit on Sunday.

Sunday I picked up Shira and Caleb after we got done with Church. They came over and hung out with my boys and our neighbor daughter, and played in the front yard for a while after lunch. We took them to the sprinkler park in our neighborhood. While there we met up with Jonathan. After getting all the kids warm and dry (that water was insanely cold) we went out to Perkins for dinner. I got to work with Shira a little on reading and sounding out some words while we waited for our meals. We had a wonderful visit on the way to and from their foster home I got the run down of all the new stuff in their world. The new kids at the home with them, meeting their new teachers, getting excited to go to school, and all about their trip to the Corn festival in Sun Prairie with their Grandparents the day before. I will always miss my dear friend Zoe and love that I can see her every time I look in her children's eyes.

My neighbor daughter, my brother Kory, Shira and Isaac playing with the sprinkler

I think this was everyone minus my middle guy.

Caleb.. :D