Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for~~~~

I am looking for anyone who Zoe has given recipes too or told birth stories or fun stories of her kids to via email.. Stuff in HER words for a book I am making for the kids..

Here is the book so far..

just email when you have a chance katfuer at gmail dot com


  1. Katrina, the book is absolutely beautiful. What a treasure for Shira and Caleb. You are a loving and amazing friend, and Zoe's children are so lucky to have in their lives. I hope they are transitioning well to living with their grandparents. I had the sense that Z was estranged from them, but I hope that living with them will be healing for the children. I hope, too, that you can continue to see them. Again, the book is absolutely gorgeous, and I can't imagine anything more meaningful for Zoe's children.

  2. I just uploaded the final book.. We are off to printing soon so we can get it to the kids. just look at FINAL BOOK when you click on the link to download it

  3. Katrina, what a beautiful book! such an incredible and heartfelt gift for Shira and Caleb. thank you for making it.