Monday, November 8, 2010

See You Later

Thank you for everyone who swung by on October 28th to say "See You Later" to the kids. I know in my heart this is not Good-Bye but it is definitely See you Later. Of course Caleb was running around having a blast with my boys but Shira was just hanging out with me since I really don't have any kids her age. But Shira and I colored and baked Cookies and just got to hang out and talk. She seemed a little nervous about the upcoming move probably more due to the fact that she just started school and really loves it and loves being with her foster mom.

Before the visit at my house I got to sit down with Shira at their foster mom's and go through the photo book that we had made for them. She really loved all the photos and Caleb kept looking over our shoulders say there's my mom, there's my mom. It was such a special moment.

After our visit I drove them back to their foster mom's and said my See you laters. I was strong up till then but after I hugged and kissed them I had to turn away and walk away so that they wouldn't see the river of tears streaming down my face. I did cry all the way home.

I called their foster mom today to see if the Grandparents have called to let her know how the transition went and their first week of school but no word yet. I will update when I know.

Thanks again for everyone who came by.