Friday, September 10, 2010

Again Slow Sorry

Well Saturday we went down to Annette's. The kids stayed the whole weekend there as a respit for their foster mom. Only update I know really is that Wednesday was a Court Date and Shira and Caleb will soon be making the transition to Chicago to be with their Grandmother. I am not sure if my family will get to see the kids once they are there but I sure hope that I can work something out with their Grandmother that they can come up and visit every so often maybe for a visit or an overnighter. I hope that my kids can still continue to visit with their friends Shira and Caleb.


  1. Katrina,
    Please don't apologize for being slow -- we are grateful that you do this, and for all you do for Shira and Caleb.
    Does your post mean that the kid's grandmother is going to have custody? I know that was not the way that Zoe wanted it but it may be the best choice for the kids.
    Best wishes to you

  2. Yes the Grandmother is going to have Custody of the kids, they will live in Chicago. That is why I might not get to see them since I live here in Madison and it is hard to travel with 3 smaller kids.. But I hope that their grandmother and I can keep in touch and we can send presents and cards to them.. Let them know they are loved by their mommy's friends and that we miss them.