Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Madness

Saturday Jonathan came up and helped clean the apartment ready for us to turn back in the key. That Day I had Shira and Caleb here for a visit. We first went shopping for Swim suits and some clothes. We hung out around the house here for a bit and then headed off to Brat Fest.. We had a great time.. Lots of Rides and 2 funnel cakes and a ton of water.. Boy was it hot out.

Sunday my husband and I got up early and packed up our children in the car and then got the last few items from Zoe's Town home and put them in storage and stored the Van. We had to get all her stuff out by June 1st and turn back in the keys.

Today (Tuesday) I again packed up our children and made the runs around the city. Dropped off the old Storage key and then to the realty office to drop off the Town home key. Dropping off her house key today was pretty hard but at the same time I am glad things are safely packed up for her estate to be settled. Well enjoy the photos and sorry that one is sideways.. I forgot my camera when we went to Brat fest so 2 are off my cell phone.

** Again a little note that the photo shoot is coming up soon please sign up if you can again all proceeds go to Shira and Caleb. This photographer is wonderfully donating her time and expenses in hopes that she can give to them this way.

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  1. Katrina, My son, Espen, played with Shira and Caleb a lot at the castle park. We actually just found out today about Zoe's passing from a phone call. I am assuming it was the Jonathan you write about. Frustrated about not getting a response for my son's birthday party I left another message on her phone. Now I know why we never had a response. PLEASE if you can get the kids here on Saturday(June 19) we would love to have them here. I live in Fitchburg and wish to help in anyway I can. My number is 219-9799. Feel free to call me anytime. I am so grateful the kids have you and the others you write about to care for them. My fears about them being alone have been squashed! Kari Petre