Thursday, May 13, 2010

End of Day Wednesday


End of day was a positive one.. I went back over to Zoe's to pick up the Birth certificates that we had accidently left and to throw out more trash. Unfortunately when I arrived there was another vehicle who followed me into the driveway.. Turns out that Neil the landlord is already showing the house.. So we need to go through boxes and box up more in case we need to move all of Zoe's stuff to a storage unit. So our plan of attack for this is going to be that Jonathan is coming up on Saturday.. First WE (Jonathan and I) are going to go and set up the savings fund/memorial fund for the children so that we have all the information for the memorial. I will set up a paypal account to it also incase anyone would like to donate that way.. But all Checks and money will be put in the account so it will need to be labeled accordingly.. Both children and their SSN will be on the account with 2 Guardians of the Acct (Jonathan and I) all withdraws of the Account for the children will go through Jonathan and/or I we will keep a ledger of the going ins and outs so that everything will be accounted for. So who ever in the long run who adopts or fosters the children will know that the account exists for the needs of the Children.
Ok back to the house.. Saturday Jonathan is going to go over and if we have anyone else to help volunteer we are going to start packing up all the clothes upstairs and box and LABEL them accordingly. One person will be boxing items like clothes and the other will be boxing papers.. We will go through papers with a finer toothed comb to make sure that everything is checked due to the fact that if the digital copy of her will is telling that the will is only 3 pages long that we need to be adjusting our looking to something smaller and not a big legal envelop.. So we will be packing stuff that has been throughly inspected so that it will be easier when the time comes to rent a uhaul and store items until the estate can be settled. So if anyone in the madison area would be able to join Jonathan on Saturday and maybe Sunday before the memorial event let me know please.

Next the good news.. I was told by Tom (CPS) that he is going to come by my house today (5/13/2010) to make a run through to see if my house is available for capacity of the children. It will be a process to get them here close to 6-8 weeks but we are available for the intermediate between now and the final placement.. As much as I love the children and want to be the final destination for them I know in my heart that this will not be the case.

Last night I was outside trying to put up our new swing set activity center from my mother and I think I may have caught a small cold.. So for now I need to clean our house for Tom (CPS) and then rest! I am going to talk to Tom today to see about a visit before Sunday with the children.

As for Sunday this may be the only memorial we are going to get due to Zoe's mom releasing her for Cremation and we are not sure where the ashes are going to go. I am not 100% of the attire but just so everyone gets sorta an idea I believe that Zoe would like a fancy casual.. Nice Top, Khakis or Nice Jeans, Dresses stuff like that. I am going to wear a blue long summer dress with maybe a knit sweater top. And my 2 big boys will be in Khaki pants and nice shirt and the baby in a nice little outfit.. I put this is in the note so that those who have not met me until Sunday will be able to recognize me quickly.

Please keep everything in your prayers but mostly keep sending the children loving vibes and sense of loving peace to surround them in this difficult time..

Love Katrina


  1. I wish I could be there to help you out! (HUGS)


  2. Thank you for sharing information in this blog, Katrina. Although I am only an acquaintance of Zoe's, I share some of her values that CPS and other institution may not be sensitive to and have been very concerned about her children. I am grateful that they will have strong advocates working for them.