Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taped and Ready

Last Night Annette, Kyle and Rebecca Taped and Marked the boxes for Storage things are progressing to Store all of her stuff till Zoe's Estate is settled. While taping the boxes Annette found the Build a Bunnie for Shira she has been asking for! We had found 2 bears and sent them thinking they were Caleb and Shira's but one was Zoe's it has been a long time getting things ready and I need a little help. Everything will be stored soon like I said and we need some help wiping down and sweeping and cleaning the town home so that it is ready to hand back over the keys to the landlord if you can come help on Saturday please let me know.. I think Jonathan will be up but a couple people will make the job go faster and smoother. Thanks everyone this has been a rough month and I think that come the first of the month things will settle down and the process will start to roll. So more info when I get it for now we are asking for cleaning up help. And if you would like to get a photo done with your children to sign up for the photo shoot listed in the previous post all proceeds go to the Children.. And they can use our support right now who knows when everything will settle for them into a permanent situation.

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