Sunday, May 23, 2010

Katrina & Zoe's Garden..

This is the garden after we gridded it out.

Wow today was hot.. 91 degrees seriously? What happened to an in between temperatures. Well anyway.. Today I picked up Shira and Caleb for a visit. We ran to Menard's and picked up a few last Gardening items we needed and then a quick stop for some lunch and back to my house. While Caleb played with Isaac, Shira and I laid out the grid for the garden and planted all the plants and seed.. Holy cow was it hot.. We had to take a few breaks to cool down.. When we were all done we stood in the shower and hosed off our feet and legs and arms to get the dirt off and cool down.. And of course a Popsicle helped too. Then we went down and worked on some stuff in the basement.. She wanted to help as I put up the Toilet paper holder and the towel holder in the down stairs bathroom. Then we had some Fish and rice for dinner and of course our visit was slowly coming to an end.. The children need a few things like swim suits and summer pjs so I thought we could get out the door around 5:40p and go to old navy they have a nice sale going on and pick up some clothes for the children but we got there at 6:01p and they close at 6p on Sundays.. Darn that was out of the question and I had till 7pm with them and of course I didn't want to give up anytime to spend with them so we headed over to the mall. And of course they close at 6pm on Sundays too.. So we then drove by Borders Books to see if they were also closed and if they were I told Caleb and Shira we would just head back to Joan's house (where they are staying). And in the backseat a little voice said "No, I want to go back to your house." Such a sweet sound coming out of Caleb's mouth I had such a hard time explaining to him that I would be back to get him in a few days.. I just wanted to cry my heart was breaking. And with that our luck Changed Borders was open so we went back to the children's section and got some goodies for the children.. I picked up Caleb a Sumba instrument play set and Shira a doodle and wash pony. It was nice to get them something little, though I was wishing it was stuff they needed like clothes. Though I have been informed by Joan that Caleb has no toys of his own where Shira has a nice box full. So hopefully we can get him a few more things to call his own. So I am hoping to pick them up on Tuesday and next Saturday. We wanted to go to the botanical garden but it was way way too hot. Maybe if it is still super hot I can pick up a kiddie pool for the front yard and they can slide into it from the swing set.

Let's step back a day.. Susan, Jonathan, Annette and I worked more on the house.. Packing and cleaning and throwing out trash (wrappers and spoiled food). With the help if John F. and his truck we took two large loads to the dump of just Trash everything else is packed in boxes. We also cleaned out the frig and freezer. Which is a big accomplishment. So much to do still in the way of cleaning. We are almost all the way through the house and we did go all the way through the Storage unit and still no hard copy of the will. But like I said before we have multiple computers with the same copy of the electronic will. Hopefully that will help. Sad to say though that after going through the storage and still not finding what we need I am very sad. It is hard to explain but the flicker of hope of finding this hard copy is starting to dull. Though I am going to get some unofficial copies of Zoe's Death Certificate to see if maybe we can help by talking to UW to see if she had anything on file for when she had her surgery in September 09! So fingers crossed something pops up.

Well that was pretty much the weekend. The children went over to Margo's on Saturday and got to play with their dog Emma. They enjoyed being there with Emma.

**** little side note. I did put up some photos under the Sweet Memorial post (from the memorial here in Madison) ****


  1. Katrina, I am so glad you are able to make the kids smile. What a blessing! -Jennifer

  2. Thank you for posting all the pics, Katrina. It is good to see smiles on the kids' faces. I did a square foot garden last year - they rock.