Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick Note before bed

Tom came over to help evaluate my house for the children. And there are 2 options right now before me to think over and discuss with my husband. So far most of what has been going on is me going full steam ahead to make sure Shira and Caleb are protected and loved. Now it is time to do serious talking because the decision will drastically change a lot of lives.


1. I can become guardian of the children. This would be where I would be responsible for decisions regarding their health if there is an emergency they would call me to approve medical procedures. There is a list of other things I would be responsible for doing and signing off. I even believe helping enroll Shira in School.. I know Zoe was of the unschooling group but CPS will not do this and going to school is the route they will take.. I would be allowed visits with the children and after time even be allowed unsupervised visits and taking them on outings.. I even approached the subject of overnighters at my house and that too would be allowed in time. CPS is big on wanting to keep Guardians and the actual custody of the children separate so they wouldn't live here with me but I would be allowed access to them as stated above. If we take this route it will be the quicker of the 2. And I would still have to have my home and everything inspected and up to code.

2. This option is Tom recommending my family and I to become a special license foster family.. There is a 9 to 10 chance that the application would be denied. Mostly this number comes from the fact that is the rate of cases that go before the judge that get denied. This isn't adding in other factors that a more in depth search of my home may bring up. The group that comes in for the in depth search nit pick to the core of everything one minor thing could disqualify me. I then would take the course and even with taking the course I am still not guaranteed a license. This immediate process takes around 8-10 weeks and I am not 100% sure that is including the courses. Here I would not have guardianship and would just be a foster family.

As you can see they are 2 completely different ways of going and now it is time to decide what would be the best for Shira and Caleb and whether or not risking and going route 2 over route 1 is going to be productive. So for now we are leaning more toward one than the other.

I still need to organize and make sure my house is safe for the children to come to and that is why Tom came for the visit. He evaluated the home and pointed out to finish the electric. And that my downstairs bedroom might not be able to be used for the children due to height regulations of the windows. And I need to get my Down stairs bathroom completed so that all accessed areas are safe.

Ok so that was long... On to some good news. Tomorrow I am going to get to visit with the Children here at my home it will only be for an hour and it is a tentative appointment and could be changed if there is emergencies within CPS that take precedent.. So thoughts and prayers everyone that I can make contact with the children tomorrow and help prepare them for the memorial on Sunday because they will be in attendance.

Things are starting to slow and processes are starting to go in motion.. But this is going to be a long, slow process from what I have been told and I am starting to lose some steam on what I can continue to push to make go faster. I am now at the will of the process and it pains me not to be able to get things flying. Again I am here if anyone needs me and I will post as things come.. Just know they may come more slowly now..

With Love Katrina


  1. Hello, my name is Sue Kozin I met Zoe in late 2001. She was a friend of the person I worked for. We would meet at Bixler playground with the kids. Shira was my friend. After Zoe moved to Madison and we did not get to see her and the kids after we left Chicago. Then we found each other on Facebook. We had many great convo's.

    Zoe I am coming to Chicago May 16th. We were to get together. I miss you and the kids. I am so sorry you are gone. Your life was way too short. God bless you.
    Sue Kozin

  2. Can you do option one and then at the same time work on option two?

  3. no CPS likes to keep them separate unless you adopt them then you get full custody and guardianship

  4. katrina,
    My cousin & her husband - actually went and got to be foster parents (fairly quickly), for my sister. (half sister - and no relation to her). We couldn't since, we lived out of state... They are in michigan - and I was impressed with how quick it went... My prayers are with all of you at this time...