Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today Part 1

Today I have contacted the Landlord to get in again and have already chatted with many friends. I also know that today Zoe's mom is coming up to the coroners to view Zoe and release the body for Cremation. There are a few spokes in the fire to stop this and have her buried within the Jewish religion and tradition. Because we are not sure what is going to happen we are hosting our own memorial for her that the children are allowed to attend.. Please see next post for memorial info. We will be setting up a fund I will post about that when it come about.

I decided today to start this blog so that everyone could be informed of what is going on as it comes each day! I have found that I have become the epicenter of this and I don't mind and I am trying hard to field any questions but I am constantly on the phone with someone and I don't mind I just am forgetting who I have contacted and who I have not so I have started this to make sure everyone is in the know who wants to be..

Also if you would like to post anything to this blog shoot me and email and put FOR BLOG before where you want me to post information from you that others will see.

Thank you I will again post tonight at the end of the day.

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