Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take off day

Monday things took off.. I started by calling her storage unit facility and got them to hold the contents, and called the landlord to see if he would let us in the house to remove perishable items and clean. I called the coroner's office to have them pass on my name and number to her mother so I could stay in contact and help with arrangements. I called CPS to see what all I needed to do and accomplish to become eligible to be the children's temporary care provider till the will was located.

Jonathan came up from Chicago to help me since I was granted permission to get into the house. We started by cleaning and trying to find documents. CPS met us there with a list from Shira about Items she would like from the home. I asked the CPS worker to put me down so I could be authorized by the court at the continuation of Care hearing on Tuesday as and Authorized visitor of the children. I also handed him a print out of Zoes blog and emails expressing her concern about the children going to her mother. I also told him that I had tons of information for him to ask when he needs it. I also asked if I could remove items from the house so that we could get more contacts and see if there was electronic clues to the were abouts of the WILL. I was given the go ahead to remove items.

In the search of the house I grabbed the computer and some stuff for the kids. Once home we got into her little ACER she carried everywhere and got names and emails.

Annette a friend of Zoe's helped me with an Electrician to help get my house ready if CPS will allow me to take the kids.. We are in the process of adding living space and still needed to finish electric an plumbing. I still haven't contacted the plumber to much still going on. The electrician came monday night to help me get things around we still have a few things but we are scheduled to finish that by Friday.

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