Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tuesday we again entered the house and with the help of Anette and Jonathan we cleaned and again rifled through papers.. We got a clue monday night there was an electronic Will on one of her other broken computers. So we found the other 2 broken computers and brought them to my home. I also found vital birth certificates and 2 out of 3 ss cards.

When we got to my home we again loaded up the computers and were able to boot both of them and found a copy of an electronic WILL on her computer but it is not signed so we need to find the hard copy still.

Jonathan headed home to Chicago. I contacted the Social worker to tell him what we found and to see if I was cleared by the courts to see the children. Which I am so I expressed to set up a date soon to see them.

We finished off the day..

Side Note~~~ There is a memorial gathering I will post info in a separate post.

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