Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Memorial

"My dear friend, your memorial was yesterday and all I could do was look around and see all the lives you have touched and the many ways you have touched them. It was a beautiful memorial with lots of love and soft gentle words.. I could feel you in the breeze around us surrounding us with your loving embrace. Sweet Shira was able to hold our words in her heart and feel the gentle blanket of love reaching out from us and yourself. I know it was hard for her but she was glad that this moment was for you. I love you and always stay close to us and guide us in and invisible embrace till we meet again.."

Thank you all for coming to the memorial. It was beautiful and in a fashion I know that Zoe would approve. I felt though that we morned her and will continue to morn her that this was more a celebration of life. Thank you for all the wonderful Memories that everyone spoke. It is nice to have more added to our memories of different times through out Zoe's Journey.

I am working with the photographer who took Zoe's photos with her children.. We will get together the price list for options and dates and times so you will just sign up and the photo shoot will be in a park or maybe the botanical gardens.

As for photos from the memorial I will put them up as soon as I get them for everyone to see. Again thank you so much for coming in the celebration of her life.

This is a Song that I love and will think of my loved ones on the other side waiting for me.. Please check it out...

After the memorial I took the children to my home and they ate dinner with my family we had Chicken nuggets, French Fries and Peas. They then went out and played on the swing set till I needed to pack them up and take them to their foster home. I have talked to Joan and I will be able to set up times with her to pick them up and go places.. I am hoping to see about setting up a day soon maybe to go out to Cathy's farm. I will of course post what we are up to and how they are doing and will continue this until they are in a long term situation with friends. So please keep checking or just subscribe to follow the blog and it will automatically send you an update as I post them.

I wanted to Add a thank you..Thank you Margo for opening your house to us and hosting the memorial and all the work you put into making this a beautiful memorial.. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you..


  1. Katrina, thank you so much for starting this blog for Zoe. Just today our online community found out about Zoe's passing. We have "known" her virtually for many years and are shocked and incredibly saddened. We are really grateful that you are keeping us all updated on the children - we went through Zoe's pregnancies, move to Wisconsin and many other facets of her life with her. I have Shira and Caleb's pics on my fridge and... well, we are all deeply in shock as a community.

    Thank you - and, please please keep up the good work.


  2. Katrina, can you email me? I have some links to photos that I think someone might want to get printed for the kids. doe @ justmomentsago dot net

  3. I'm also a member of the online community that Doe mentioned. I didn't know Zoe that well when she was having her troubles with the eviction. But, I was just turning 50 and I decided I was going to give $50 to a charity in honor of my birthday. Then, I read about Zoe online and I felt that she could make better use of my donation than anywhere else. I sent her a $50 gift card and she sent me a lovely note and then a friendship was born! We emailed and then FBed and I was so happy to talk to her on the phone and I got to speak to Shira and Caleb as well. They were planning a trip to Nova Scotia and were trying to figure out if they could swing by here (CT) on the way!

    Such a special family! I loved hearing about the kid's antics and the chickens and dog etc... And, the love and devotion of Zoe! Home schooling, organic foods, raw milk, knitting and being concerned about everyone and everything!

    I am devastated by her loss!

    Thank you to all of Zoe's friends for gathering around and taking care of everything. You are all angels!