Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saturday May 8th 2010

Saturday morning Zoe was found by her children on her stairs to the upstairs. They tried to rouse her awake and were unsuccessful so they went next door to their neighbor who then came over to find Zoe. After Calling the police the neighbor kept the children close at her house to play. I arrived on scene later in the morning the police were there, the children were inside, the dog and chickens had been relocated to the Humane Society. I pleaded with the Officer to let me see the children but due to the children not knowing yet that their mother had left in spirit they kept them protected away from the public. I sat in my car with my friend Rebecca by my side thinking up everything I need to tell the officer. I went back to him and told him of the children's allergies and left my name and number to give to the social worker and again tried to plead to see the children or at least be there when they were told so I could comfort them. I was then again ushered to my car with out a definite response on being there for the children. After a while the officer came to the car and explained that they would like me to not be there so that after the children were told they could be taken away by CPS ( Child protective services) and they were worried that if I was there or if they could see my van that the children would try to latch on to me and not leave with the strangers "CPS".

Once home I started contacting who I could and racking my brain about who to call. I sat for an hour hitting the older post till I came across Jonathan and Susan R the names I was looking for and contacted them.. From there is was pretty much a web out of people to contact email and chat with.. So End of Saturday.

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