Wednesday, May 12, 2010


What: Memorial Gathering in Honor of Zoe Silver

When: Sunday, May 16, 2 p.m.

Where: home of Margo and Dan Redmond

826 Miami Pass (Village of Nakoma)

Madison, Wisconsin 53711

RSVP or ask directions or other questions: Margo or Dan: 233-0215 or

Comments: We hope Zoe’s dear little ones, Shira and Caleb, can join us, as requested.

We believe it is important to honor Zoe and console her children by acknowledging

Zoe’s passing in some ceremonious way.

Expressions of affection for Zoe and her children are appropriate, so please prepare a short

statement to share with the group, as those who wish to do so may speak by turns.

If you have photos of Zoe or the children, please bring copies to give to the children

and sign the guest book, giving contact information.

To avoid having the event overwhelm the children, we ask that

everyone speak softly, refrain from outbursts of strong emotion, and allow the children

to come to them, rather than go to them suddenly with hugs, etc. Too much of a good thing

might not be a good thing, and we are certain that you who cared for Zoe understand

completely. Thank you for being a good friend to Zoe, who died the day before Mother’s Day

and exemplified the best of motherhood: unconditional love.


  1. I am truly in shock to find out that I have lost one of my best facebook friends! I can't believe that Zoe is gone. I just heard an hour ago that Zoe had passed and I am deeply, deeply saddened by her loss! I pray her children are encircled and embraced by undivided and infinite love and remain in a home with one of Zoe's friends or loved one(s). I also pray Emma gets the best love and friendship as Zoe gave her and hopefully gets to join Shira and Caleb, if at all possible. God Bless you, Zoe!

  2. We had a lovely memorial service today. Thank you to Margo and Dan for opening your home to us. Included in the service were Jewish memorial prayers, candle lighting, and kriya. Afterward, we shared remembrances. The children spent part of the time reflecting with us and being comforted, and part of the time playing and blowing off steam with their peers, as is so important for them to do. Thank you to everyone who participated.