Thursday, August 12, 2010


Things around my house have been a little Nutty so I haven't been to see the kids lately. But luckily there are other friends of Zoe's that are cleared to visit so they are still being able to see familiar faces and feel the love we are all surrounding them. They have also gotten to meet their grandma and grandpa (Zoe's Mom and her husband). That is pretty much all the news I have right now we are still getting donations too them in the mail so I wanted to thank everyone who has given to them. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I will post more the next time I visit with them I am just getting past the crazy month.


  1. Dearest Zoe
    I called you My Spilt Apart- my other half. We were spilt apart hearts- we together loved , fought together, cried together- togther shared so much of our lives and our heart and souls. I will miss you for ever and a day.

  2. Hey Katrina~
    Thanks for the update & for the photos from Caleb's party. Definitely like the new background. Take care. ~Dayna